Two digital history interviews conducted in conjunction with the Sustaining Digital History meeting, with presenters Anne Sarah Rubin and Abby Smith Rumsey, are now available to view here. In the future, more interviews with other presenters and editors will appear. This blog will alert visitors when new interviews are available. These interviews, which concentrate on questions connected to issues of new-model scholarly communication and the overall sustaining digital history initiative, are located within the ongoing series of interviews at

1 thought on “Interviews

  1. With Technology more available and better than ever, it is of course only natural that educators have adopted its use. There has been a push to integrate technology both at the university and high school level. As a H.S. History Teacher, I try to do this as best I can. However, w/ budgets being slashed and slashed here in California, it is very difficult to do. Interesting how the reality of limited budgets can blow holes in the best laid plans

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